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The Tri-Radial Flasher

UK-Halsey's Tri-Radial Flasher is for sailors who need more muscle.
     Heavier boats generate greater loads. Our Tri-Radial Flasher is designed to handle those heavier loads without being a heavy sail. Cruisers get more horsepower from their "nylon diesel". 
     The next time you're on the water when the breeze freshens, check out the spinnakers around you. Especially on the larger, heavier boats. If you see big wrinkles starting to work their way up from the tack and clew, you're looking at a spinnaker that's overloaded. The nylon is stretching. The sail is losing shape. Just like an overloaded engine, the sail is working too hard.
     The tri-radial panel layout is designed to carry high loads without stretching out of shape.
     Because the greatest loads in a spinnaker radiate from the three corners, the tri-radial layout has long panels (called gores) radiating from the corners. The narrow gores line up the cloth's thread line with the load lines in the sail. The more threads that are directly aligned with the loads in the sail, the smoother the sail will set.
     The Tri-Radial Flasher is similar to our standard Flasher when it comes to ease of use. Both sails can be set and dowsed with the UK-Halsey Stasher (see sequence shot below). Neither needs a spinnaker pole. The defining difference is the more sophisticated panel layout of the Tri-Radial Flasher. 

     Not only will your Tri-Radial Flasher set better, but you can reach closer to the wind with it and fly it in heavier winds. Both are important factors when you want to turn long passages into easy passages.
     The Tri-Radial Flasher. It's one more way UK-Halsey create value for the cruising sailor.