UK-Halsey's Lazy Cradle

UK-Halsey's Lazy Cradle:
The Easy Way to End a Day

UK-Halsey's New Lazy Cradle is absolutely the easiest way to put away your mainsail. Our sail handling system is a combination of an acrylic sail cover and lazy jacks. You simply lower the halyard, let the sail settle between the lazy jacks into the cover, and zip the cover closed. In moments your mainsail is neatly put away and protected from the sun.
     The Lazy Cradle combines the best attributes of th Dutchman© and lazy jacks. A significant advantage of the Lazy Cradle is that the cover can be removed while the mainsail stays on the boom.
      Flexibility is the key to the Lazy Cradle. The cover can attach to your sail or boom. Your UK-Halsey will make a recommendation after reviewing your boat. One of the most common methods of attachment is to snap the two sides of the cover together between the slides or slugs. Photo at left (click on any photo here for a larger one): Internal battens run on both sides of the top zipper to help capture the sail and give the cover a neat shape.
      Another popular attachment method is to attach grooved tracks to each side of the boom. Bolt ropes sewn to the bottom of the cover halves slide into the tracks. Feel free to ask us about other custom methods that are available to attach the Lazy Cradle. Photo: When sailing the cover can be left up or rolled neatly alongside the boom. Integral buckles hold the rolled up cover next to the boom.
     The Lazy Cradle system comes complete in a wide range of colors with all fasteners, fittings and lazy jack lines. 
     With the Lazy Cradle catching the sail, the helmsman can't get blinded by drapes of sailcloth while entering a harbor or narrow channel. No longer will you have to search for the sail cover or battle with it in a breeze. Just drop and zip.
     The Lazy Cradle is one more example of UK-Halsey'sEasy Passage line of cruising sails. Our goal is to make sailing more enjoyable, dependable and economical. To order your Lazy Cradle, contact your local UK-Halsey loft. Photo: Reinforced slits in the cover allow the reefing lines to exit the cover.