The PASSAGEMAKER II is our top of the line cruising genoa. It combines the features cruising sailors want most with the patented Tape-Drive construction system. Standard features are a foam luff pad, reefing reinforcements, and lightweight UV leech and foot covers. The luff pad is designed to automatically flatten sail as it is roller reefed, which reduces heeling and improves the sail's driving power. Since a Tape-Drive sail is made with lighweight laminates, it rolls up smoother than a sail cut from heavier fabrics. Although the laminates we use in the PASSAGEMAKER II are light, they are as strong or stronger than the fabrics found in many non Tape-Drive sails.
     The TAPE-DRIVE BATMAIN combines the best of two cruising mainsail technologies. Tape-Drive allows the main to be lighter and stronger, while the full-length battens help the sail last longer. The full-length battens prevent flogging -- that violent snapping your main does when being hoisted or lowered, tacking, motoring and reefing. Flogging destroys sailcloth faster than anything. Also, a calmer sail is easier to furl. 
     The TAPE-DRIVE ROLLER FURLING MAINguarantees great sail shape for boats using roller-furling mains. Standard dacron sails must be cut flat in anticipation that they will stretch and become fuller as the breeze picks up. With Tape-Drive sails, the proper shape is locked in when the sail is cut. Superior construction means that Tape-Drive sails won't distort under load. An added benefit is that sails that don't get too full roll up easier.
     You'll feel the advantages of Tape-Drive's weight savings under way as well as at the dock. Lighter sails reduce heeling and pitching. And since roller furling sails are "up" all the time, lighter sails mean less rocking and rolling at the dock or at anchor.


Tape-Drive sails are lighter and stronger, hold their shape better, and offer an increased wind range over conventionally constructed sails. Yet there is no doubt that part of their appeal is the financial sense they make. Because they last longer and are more durable, Tape-Drive sails are more cost effective over the long run. For instance, the Tape-Drive sails on the 77 foot Sirocco are six years old and going strong.