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Passagemaker II Roller-Furling Genoas

 Dacron Cruising Sails
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Passagemaker II melds high tech materials perfect for cruising applications with patented Tape-Drive®construction. It is ideal for the owner who wants the very best in performance in addition to dependability and durability. Its much lighter weight makes the boat faster and means that the sail is easier to furl and to carry. An additional advantage of the Passagemaker II is that its Tape-Drive®construction creates a unique "Rip Stop" layout which prevents accidental tears from becoming catastrophic failures. Damage to the skin fabric migrates only to the nearest tape or seam so tears stay small. As a result, temporary repairs can be made right on the boat with sticky back Dacron® or duct tape.

Passagemakers (pdf)

   Major Features: Passagemaker General Specifications:
  • Passagemakers are made using the finest woven Dacrons® or laminates available.
  • They have both leech and foot cords.
  • A rugged stainless ring is used in the clew while webbed loops are used at the head and tack to assure trouble free furling.
  • Seams are glued or glued and sewn, depending on which model Passagemaker you select.
  • The size of your Passagemaker is tailored to your specific needs. We take into consideration the type and size of boat you own, the prevailing conditions where you do most of your sailing and most importantly, what you want the sail to accomplish for you. We've made them as small as 100% and as large as 160%.
  • Foam Luff: The crescent shaped foam luff is designed to help the Passagemaker retain a smooth aerodynamic shape when reefed. By gradually adding bulk to the luff area of the sail, it compensates for the more rapid increase in diameter at the leech and foot as the sail furls. So when your Passagemaker is reefed to the reef reinforcements, it still has the proper shape.
  • Reef Points: We provide a set of patches so that when the Passagemaker is reefed, the corner loads at the new head and tack are more evenly distributed. They help eliminate distortion and wear that can occur after repeated reefing. When the Passagemaker is furled to these patches, the area remaining is approximately that of the next smaller jib for your boat.
  • Roller Furling Covers: To protect the leech and foot areas which remain exposed to the elements (sunlight in particular) after the Passagemaker is furled, we cover them with a strip of fabric. UK Sailmakers offers a variety of fabrics to accomplish this. Sunbrella®, a woven acrylic, is the sun protection champion. It comes in a wide variety of colors making it easy for the roller cover to match your mainsail cover and dodger or the general color scheme of your boat. For the more conservative owner, this cover can be make of light weight Dacron® with a UV coating. This cover is almost invisible and it's lighter weight improves the sail's performance when the wind is light.
Darin Keever,
Mar 15, 2016, 8:53 AM