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Matrix Spinnaker

Step Out Ahead of the Class.
The UK-Halsey Matrix Spinnaker

UK-Halsey newest spinnaker, the Matrix, is different from other chutes. We've taken a number of extra steps in building this sail to insure that it's faster than any other spinnaker you can buy.
     While others continue to be content shaping their spinnakers with a little bit of taper along the radials, or in the joining seams, we've taken the extra step of "rocking" entire panels so that the Matrix's thread lines are exactly aligned with the load paths.
     This unique matching of thread line to load path produces extraordinary results. There's a better strength-to-weight ratio in the UK-Halsey Matrix. That means a wider range of both wind angles and wind speeds for a given cloth weight of spinnaker.
     The matrix doesn't distort in the center section like many competitive spinnakers so the leeches don't tighten and slow you down when you're reaching.
     The way we build the Matrix is more costly thatn the way other spinnaerks are built, but our method produces a much more distortion-free sail, which is what helps you win races.
     What's it like to step out in a UK-Halsey Matrix spinnaker? Ask the skippers who walk away from the competition in regatta after major regatta around the world.
These Extra Steps will Help You Sail Away from the Competition
     Horizontal seaming allows for ideal distribution of taper - resulting in optimum vertical profile. Alignment of threadline to load path results in superior strength-to-weight ratio. Panels are rocked at each horizontal seam to realign threadline with load path. Proper thread allignment in middle of sail eliminates bias distortion and insures maximum performance. Horizontal taper guarantees the matrix spinnaker will set with designed cord / depth ratio