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Take the "Crew" Out of Cruising With the Batmain

Powerhead Dacron Mainsail | Roller Furling Mains
The Passagemaker Genoa

The UK-Halsey Batmain makes cruising easier and more enjoyable! The Batmain is easier to handle, keeps it's sail shape better and lasts longer than standard mainsails.
      The secret to the Batmain's ease of handling are the full-length battens that run from leech to luff. When you combine the Batmain with sail handling systems like the the Dutchman system, or basic lazy jacks you'll no longer need a cast of crew members to douse and furl the mainsail. Just release the halyard, stand back, and watch the main settle easily onto the boom. With the Lazy Cradle the sail settles between the Cradle's lazy jacks into the main sail cover.
     Besides being easier to handle, the Batmain lasts longer. Why? Because the full-length battens prevent flogging -- the violent snapping back and forth that happens when you're tacking, reefing, hoisting or lowering your sail. As conventional sails flog, the sail cloth breaks down, especially at the front end of the battens where the leach of the sail "hinges" back and forth. Flogging is a prime culprit in sail wear-and-tear.
     Once your sail is raised, the battens induce a smooth airfoil shape to the sail, which improves performance in all conditions. In light air your sail will hold a smooth airfoil shape instead of sagging like a wrinkled bed sheet. Also the mainsail won't slat as the boat rolls in the waves. 
     In heavy air the Batmain won't flog if you dump the sheet out to reduce heeling. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the silence. No longer will your sail flail and snap when you depower it. Full-length battens also restrict the draft of the sail from moving aft in heavy air when sailing upwind.
     Downwind, the full-length battens hold out the leech giving you more projected sail area.

Luff Hardware:
The battens in a fully battened sail are under compression and therefore place more pressure on the slides. Improperly designed slides make raising and lowering your sail difficult. With years of experience we match the proper luff hardware to your mast to ensure your sail goes up and down smoothly. 
Standard battens are extruded or pultruded. These are sturdy fiberglass battens that ensure miles of trouble free sailing. Upgrades are available to lighter, shape-enhancing foam-cored tapered battens -- predominantly used on multihulls and racing boats.