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Always remember that besides having a prepared boat, nothing replaces time on the water


Our J24 sails are designed for easy trimming and maximum performance in all wind and wave conditions.
Our sails are manufactured using the best materials on the market and designed with our exclusive AccuCut 3D* and Azure Project which allows us to constantly monitor and update our own designs and tuning guides. The experts here at UK sailmakers can ensure that our OD sails will meet or exceed your expectations. 
Our designs are continually updated, taking advantage of the latest sail testing, newest materials, and on the water results. The J24 tuning guide will help you precisely tune the rig and trim the sails, freeing up the crew to concentrate more on tactics and speed.
We have created one AP Mainsail, two kinds of Genoas (Pro & Club racing), two different Jibs (Medium & Heavy) and a runner AP Spinnaker.

AP Mainsail 

UK-Texas' J/24 AP Mainsail is designed to be maximum size. This sail was originally designed for medium air, but has proven to be an all around performer. Now you do not need to worry about having another mainsail when traveling to other events where you may encounter different wind conditions. However, if you sail in predominantly heavy wind conditions, the H1 Mainsail is designed exclusively for heavy air with more luff curve and less camber.

Cut: Cross-cut panels with elliptical radial head and radial reinforcements for clew and head allowing longer durability. Created with Azure design software.

Cloth: Dimension Polyant 260HTP high aspect Dacron and 265SQ square Dacron for radial Head and patches.

Features: RBS tapered battens (including both hard and soft top battens), draft stripes, leech line, spreader patches, visibility windows, cunningham, sail numbers, and bag.

Designed by Pedro Gianotti of UK Texas


MatriX Pro Genoa


UK Texas launched it's first Aramida Genoa in 2009 as soon the class approved it. Since the beginning we opted to use string technology (MatriX). Utilizing all of our experience with the successful Pentex Tape Drive Genoa, we compensated for the stretch in the materials, and in 2011 we revised our designs with Mauricio Santa Cruz (3 time world champion), and updated our tuning guide.
Our MatriX Pro Genoa is a D4mp*, made of Black Aramida, designed as an all purpose sail, minimum class weight and easy to trim.

Material: Dimension Polyant Black Aramida membrane.

Designed by Pedro Gianotti of UK Texas 

MatriX D4mp fiber layout

Dave Suda with Pacemaker 1st at Australian Nationals 2012


Club Radial Genoa

The Club radial Genoa was created for durability and smaller budgets. Made with Black and Gold Aramida in a Tri-radial Cut, it is almost the same weight and is slightly more flexible than the MatriX pro. However, it is more durable, lasts more seasons of racing, and excels in light to medium breeze.
Designed by Pedro Gianotti of UK Texas

*All Genoas have 8oz luff tape that is stitched with tension and a cunningham cringle to allow perfect luff shape control

Material: Dimension Polyant Aramida X05 at front and X10 on Leech and Foot.

Features: cunningham, visibility windows, foot patch, bronze hanks, sail numbers, draft stripes & roll bag.

Medium Jib


Once the wind picks up to 18 knots, you will need to switch to the little jib.
This jib is designed for heavy winds, but it utilizes cross cut construction, allowing it to be used in moderate wind conditions if necessary, which is a great advantage if the wind suddenly dies half way through the leg or when carrying the Genoa is too difficult for your crew. 

Cut: Cross-cut panels with radial reinforcements for clew and head allowing longer durability. Designed with Azure design software.

Cloth: Dimension Polyant 270B HTP balanced Dacron with 265SQ square HTP Dacron patches

Designed by Pedro Gianotti of UK Texas 

Heavy Jib 310SQ Dac

Mauricio Santa Cruz with Team Bruschetta, 

1st at 2011 US Nationals

Medium Jib 270HTP 

Heavy Jib

The Heavy Jib is made with 7.2oz square Dacron, using a Tri-radial cut. It was designed for heavy winds more than 20 to 25 knots True. It is flatter than the Medium Jib with a more rigid shape. This sail is ideal for a professional crew that can hold the genoa up in wind speeds of about 22 knots.

Cut: Tri-radial panels with radial patches. Designed with Azure software.

Cloth: Dimension Polyant 310 MTO Square Dacron

Designed by Pedro Gianotti of UK Texas



*All Jibs have 8oz luff tape stitched with tension and a cunningham cringle to allow perfect luff shape control

Features: cunningham, visibility windows, bronze hanks, RBS battens, draft stripes & roll bag.


AP Spinnaker

Our AP Spinnaker is designed to take advantage of the maximum size that the class allows. In fact we even extended the leech between the tack and the mid girth for an extra power. The UK Texas J/24 spinnaker was created with very stable shoulders for easy trimming. You don't need a professional trimmer to get the most out of this sail, unlike some other sails on the circuit. Being so stable, the sail opens quickly when set and re-fills faster after a collapse. This feature helps you gain extra boat lengths on the competition. 

Cut: Matrix radial with oriented sections, matching thread line to load paths Designed with Accucut software.

Cloth: Bainbridge AIRX650. (Available colors: Blue, Red, White or any combination of them, for extra colors consult the loft)

Designed by Pedro Gianotti of UK Texas

1st 2011 Pasquavela,

1st 2011 Trofeo accademia Navale 

1st 2011 US Nationals

1st 2011 Panamerican games* *partial inventory

1st 2012 Australian Nationals 

1st 2013 Kiel week

Peer Kock and crew 1st at Kiel week 2013 with full UK Texas inventory  
*Accurate design *Easy trimming *First quality cloth and hardware
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