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Always remember that besides having a prepared boat, nothing replaces time on the water

Our J22 sails are designed for easy trimming and maximum performance in all wind and wave conditions.

All of our sails are made using the best materials on the market and are designed with our exclusive AccuCut 3D* and Azure Project 
which allows us to constantly monitor and change our own designs and tuning guides. The experts at UK sailmakers can ensure that our OD sails will meet or exceed your expectations. 
Our designs are constantly updated. New materials, hours of on-the-water testing, and race results are all contributing factors. The J22 Tuning guide will help you precisely tune the rig and trim the sails, freeing up the crew to concentrate on tactics and speed.
We have created one AP Mainsail, two Jibs (Light & Medium) and a runner AP Spinnaker.


AP Mainsail


The UK Texas Mainsail has a shorter leech. This allows for more roach, providing extra sail area higher up. This sail was designed for all conditions, and is compatible with both the flat and angled mast step.
Cut: Cross-cut panels with elliptical radial clew reinforcement, radial patches for clew and head allowing longer durability, Azure design software.
Material: Dimension Polyant 230HTP High Aspect Dacron.
Designed by Pedro Gianotti of UK Texas


Medium jib and AP mainsail sailing in Galveston Bay



Light & Medium Jibs

Light Jib

We designed the Light Jib for prevailing winds less than 12 knots. Is made of 200FHT Dacron 

Medium Jib

The Medium Jib is made of 205 Square Dacron. It's designed for the places where the average breeze is higher than 14kts. The shape is about 10% flattener than the Light Jib


Cross-cut panels with radial patches, Azure design software.


Light Jib: Dimension Polyant 200HTP Dacron
Medium Jib: Dimension Polyant 205SQHTP Dacron

Designed by Pedro Gianotti of UK Texas 

8oz luff tape stitched with tension allowing perfect luff shape control,


visibility window, RBS battens, bronze hanks (webbing strap + clip version available), draft stripes & roll bag.




The UK Texas J/22 Runner spinnaker was created with very stable shoulders for easy trimming. After a lot of testing, we made improvements to increase speed in all conditions. The AP012 design, with a smaller entry angle proved to be one of the fastest at the course.

Cut: Matrix tri-radial with oriented half section, matching thread lines to load paths. Azure sail design software.

Cloth: Bainbridge AIRX650. (Available colors: Blue, Red, White or any combination of them. For extra colors consult the loft)
Designed by Pedro Gianotti of UK Texas

*Accurate design
*Easy trimming
*First quality cloth and hardware
Go Fast Tips

1) Sail at maximum crew weight.
2) Sail the boat as flat as possible.
3) Do not pinch.
4) Set the shroud tension for the wind you are expecting in the first part of the race.
5) When in doubt select the more powerful option (it is easy to depower.)
6) In the runs heel the boat to windward.
7) In the runs use as much crew weight as possible to steer the boat.

 RBS tapered battens, including both hard and soft top battens, draft stripes, leech line, spreader and visibility windows, cunningham, sail numbers & bag.
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