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Club 420

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Even though the Club 420 Class only allows one sailmaker to provide sails for championship regattas, UK-Halsey provides top quality sails for sailing teams and junior programs at a great savings compared to the class approved sails. UK-Halsey makes these sails at our loft in Houston, Texas, by sailors with decades of one-design experience. When you are looking for quality sails without blowing your club's budget.

Sails specifications

This is one of the most popular junior classes and we design these sails thinking about young people, Fast, easy to trim in all conditions and eser to drive the boat. The 5oz Dacron allows a long lasting sail. These sails are ideal for College and Club Racing

The Mainsail and Jib are made of Dacron 5oz MTO Medium Temperd Finish. This cloth is engineered to provide a Medium soft sails with excellent streach conditions and long durability. The Mainsail has cunningham hole, tapered battens and a Full batten with velcro system allowing an easy regulation.

The Jib has a wire luff with the posibility of change the luff tension inside the sail, that allows a very good pointing in all conditions.

The Spinnaker is built on 30/20 Nylon that provides an excellent combination of weight and performance in all conditions.

The Spinnaker is a cross-cut panels sail, made in two colors: White and Red or White and Blue, also are available in one color, White, Blue or Red.

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